what i do today is important because i am paying a day of my life for it.  what i accomplish must be worthwhile because the price is high  -  happiness is not a goal, but a pursuit   -   a smile means the same in any language  -  create what you want your reality to look like  -  not all those who wander are lost  -  please and thank you are the two most powerful phrases I know   -   to find yourself, you must lose yourself   -   if you do only two things each day, do something to improve you mind and improve your body   -   i do what i say and mean what i do -   we live as we dream, alone   -   you get what you give   -  fall seven times, stand up eight  -   in order to love someone else, you must first love yourself   -   the only limit is the one you set for yourself   -   my heart leads my mind   -   sometimes you need to move backwards before you can move forwards   -   finish what you start   -   no matter what happens, I am undefeated